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Legal Process Outsourcing

The Lawyer to Lawyer services provided by Roth Law, P.A. are designed to provide to law firms of all sizes legal support services, including, but not limited to, researching, writing, and hearing coverage.   


· Take on More Cases
· Increase Your Billing
· Two Heads are Better Than One

· Eliminate Travel To and From the Courthouse

· Save on Costs
· Do What You Do Best
· One Point of Contact
· Drafting, Researching, and Coverage


Research & Writing

· Pleadings
· Contracts
· Opinion Letters

· Motions
· Witness & Exhibit List
· Deposition Summaries

· Bench Briefs
· Appellate Briefs
· Memorandum of Law

· Discovery
· Settlements
· Demand Letters

Litigation Support

· Hearing Attendance
· Motion Calendar
· Calendar Call

· Discovery
· Depositions
· 1st, 2nd, 3rd Chair

· Legal Research
· Legal Writing
· Editing & Citations